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Lampshaded by Kiefer Sutherland in Phone Booth: You know like in the movies just as the good guy is about to kill the bad guy, he cocks his gun. Now why didn't he have it cocked?

Because that sound is scary. It's cool, isn't it? In many anime, most noticeably Rurouni Kenshin , every time a sword moves while drawn, it makes a metallic clicking noise.

This is usually used like gun cocking to indicate that a character is serious. This is only Truth in Television for a loose sword with an all-metal hilt, not a common construction for Japanese katana.

Oddly enough, the Trust And Betrayal OVA which is done in a more realistic style than the TV anime actually uses this clicking sound in the correct context — it shows that the sword has not been used for some time and has not been maintained and emphasizes the desperation of the situation.

Under normal circumstances you should never hear this sound. When Becky and the 1-C class go into Himeko's mind, Himeko serves a meal of crab More casual anime fans and non-fans in the West expect anime to have a particular character design, with semi-realistic bodies and distinct eyes and hair, commonly called the "anime style.

Even hardcore anime fans run into this problem; with the increased involvement of Western studios helping with Japanese animation in The New '10s , some think the more "non-standard" art styles are due to demands from said studios rather than the Japanese studios themselves.

What further muddles it is that some of the more notable character designers that helped in Western animation throughout its history were in fact Japanese, meaning their time working on those series would inevitably rub off on them when they did original properties as was the case with the team behind The Big O.

Expect any crime anime that takes place in the United States during Prohibiton to exclusively use Italian hoods , Irish and Jews be damned.

However, this doesn't change the fact that every single Gundam universe has sound effects in space battles Needless to say, every other speedster in The DCU has to be able to do all these things too.

In fact, they've added a special phlebotinum to the Flash canon - the Speed Force - to explain the more impossible ones it lets him absorb speed from bullets, impart it upon people he carries, and gives him total control of his body's molecules.

Most non-DC speedsters won't be able to turn intangible, but they'll still be expected to be able to run across water and along walls and ceilings and to catch bullets as though their palms were armored - hey, the Flash can do it, why the heck can't Quicksilver!?

The running across water is justified: The use of huge, gaudy onomatopoeia or, depending on how people describe the phenomenon, "sound effects", "Batman words", or even "noise words".

He is the Trope Namer , after all. Parodied in Monty Python and the Holy Grail: They didn't actually have horses, just the coconuts. Ironically, the producers actually wanted to use real horses but didn't have the budget and the coconuts did a better job at the whole Rule of Funny bit.

Rocky Balboa , the sixth Rocky film, had realistic boxing sounds inserted during the actual match between Rocky and his opponent.

The last few Rocky sequels before this had grown increasingly dependent on unrealistic boxing sounds, and the more authentic noises spat in the face of that dependency.

Accordingly, instead of using the dramatic cinematic effect for the entire ending, the fight was presented like an ESPN pay-per-view event, complete with stats charts, graphical widgets and even the clock during the first round.

Ironically, Ring Girls , which is for all intents and purposes a documentary although "creatively" edited to look more like a reality show , nevertheless added Hong Kong sound effects over all the punching and kicking, completely ruining it for every martial artist or even fan out there.

It did not make the movie any more popular. In another camera example, many films will add in the sound of a chemical flash bulb firing a very recognizable whoosh whenever they show flash photography, regardless of whether these old-timey flash bulbs are depicted on screen, or what era the movie is set in.

Martin Scorsese and Wes Anderson frequently do this. In an interesting inversion, when an older-model electronic flash is used, the noticeable whine many make as they recharge is usually absent.

This may be due to the sound effect having been co-opted by futuristic Noisy Guns. The sound effects used in hand-to-hand combat in the Indiana Jones films are extremely over-the-top e.

Ben Burtt, the sound designer for all the films, says on a DVD extra that he decided to make the punches over-the-top on purpose as he felt they were making a comic book brought to life.

And any Bollywood movie portrays it much, much more over the top. The Batman film franchise on a whole is guilty of this; despite the fact that blue and grey are much better urban camouflage colors, he always retains his black rubber armor in Live-Action Films save for the Adam West one.

The sound effects in The Dark Knight are deliberately "one up. More a stylistic choice, but still the trope. Notably, the third movie never highlighted it at all, with Spider-Man's reflexes and Spider-Sense all rendered in real-time.

Digital readouts are an excellent example. In The Taking of Pelham One Two Three , the subway's digital speedometer makes a series of increasingly faster beeps when shown on screen, despite it being established there's no beeping noise when the trains are driven normally.

Common also in Knight Rider: In only a few cases are there closeups of slow speed changes with the corresponding tick. In addition, no wide-angle shot includes audible ticking.

The serial The Phantom Empire , since it has a radio Show Within a Show , actually shows coconuts being used to make horse sounds.

Being partly a Western, it no doubt had many traditional examples too. An intentional example in Airplane! The creators originally wanted to use a propeller-driven DC-4 the one from Zero Hour!

The Sequel has a similar effect, but on a space shuttle. Jake's punches seemed to be even louder and more exaggerated than other characters.

The films are notable for their use of invented foley effects created by sound designer Ben Burtt. For Attack of the Clones , George Lucas decided not to use the stock sound effect of lightning and thunder coinciding with each other during the thunderstorm on Kamino, instead having the lightning happen a few moments before the thunder crashing.

In the commentary for the prequels, they talk about how Yoda's CG design had to compensate for the visual effect of Yoda being a puppet in the older films.

For instance, Yoda's ears wiggling when he moved was originally a side effect of the material used to create the puppet, but they actually replicated the ear-wiggling when he went CG simply because audiences had already accepted that Yoda's ears are just supposed to do that.

The image of the alien spacecraft in Independence Day sweeping over the flag on the moon is probably the most iconic sight of the film second only to the destruction of the White House.

In the same way a poster exposed to direct sunlight fades over time the dyes used in the flags by the Apollo missions have all completely faded away leaving nothing but white pieces of fabric in their place.

Sunshine is especially guilty of this as, despite aiming for scientific accuracy to the extent of having Brian Cox acting as an advisor, it's still riddled with inaccuracy.

In the movie's defence, however, Danny Boyle noted that the movie didn't feel right without things like audible whooshing and visible distant stars.

During the movie, they're making silent electric cars "roar" as if they had loud combustion engines. Done literally and in-universe in Murder!

Also done in-universe in Spite Marriage , when Trilby's theater troupe needs to simulate horse's hooves. In It , the titular entity no longer has the original story reasons for assuming the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

In the book, this was because IT could not change forms on a whim and ITs guises followed the rules of the form it took— a werewolf form would be vulnerable to silver bullets, but scary clowns have no rules, so it's an ideal avatar.

In the film, though, IT can shapeshift at will and ITs weakness is simply that its victims' imaginations can overrule ITs plans, so there's no real reason for IT to default to Pennywise other than the fact that it's such an iconic character.

They make an audible beep every second, but it's not actually the case for real life digital timers such as the one in microwaves.

The short story Damned Spot by Julian Rathbone, a Deconstruction of historical whodunnits, notes that oak darkens with age, so the dark oak we associate with Elizabethan architecture and furniture would have been quite pale at the time, before deciding that it's more important the setting fits the modern perception of Elizabethan era.

In the Hyperion Cantos , farcasters are implanted with devices to make a person stepping through feel like he is traveling.

Of course, nobody really knows if he is or not, but they do wait patiently. Kornbluth story The Marching Morons features this in cars, which have speedometers that go to somewhere around MPH and exhausts that literally belch fire, both purely for effect.

The modern-day "protagonist" notices that when the speedometer reads he feels like he's going maybe 60, and then later notices that the engine roar cuts off a fraction of a second AFTER the car stops because it's an effect added to make it seem like the cars are faster and more powerful than they really are.

Despite the fact that it purports to have at least something to do with reality, the hit U. In the s, the Univac I computer executed operations so slowly that the engineers made a different "beep" occur for every type of instruction.

This allowed programmers to tell, for instance, if the machine was executing a long loop, had stalled, etc.

Only the Univac I did this, it was used almost exclusively in a back room at the U. Census bureau, and the beeping computer was quickly retired when faster computers were built in the late 50s.

However, when the machine was new, the marvelous "artificial brain" was demonstrated for TV news and documentaries. The "beep-beep-boop" sound then got a life of its own because there wasn't really anything else in a TV computer to tell the audience that the computer was doing anything.

Soon, all TV computers had to produce a series of beeps of various tones. The original Star Trek avoided this by having the computer's voice say "working The beeping sound was mandatory in TV-show computers well into the 80s, until the trope happened in reverse.

The common man began using home computers and the pointless, sourceless beeps came to be properly seen as idiotic. The Chef is trying to get his chicken to lay an egg and after it looks like she has, he angrily declares that the object is not an egg but a ping-pong ball.

The humor is, of course, that the audience would expect the ball to double for an egg in the sketch, making it surprising when the Chef refers to what it really is.

Battlestar Galactica did this when the Galactica warped into the upper atmosphere of a planet and immediately burst into flames.

Reentry fire comes from the massive sideways velocity any orbiting object has. The ship started from a dead stop, but most people equate falling from space with fire.

But they probably did it because fire makes things cooler. Potentially justified due to possibility that the flames were caused by the near-instantaneous displacement of an enormous volume of air caused by the Galactica's jump.

Half of what the MythBusters do is based on this trope, testing out the way things work in reality vs. Parodied in Gilmore Girls Ep. The warmth of analogue recordings is caused partly by tape hum, which often makes people think digital recordings sound cold and sterile by comparison.

Note that this largely depends on the type of music. The same could be said of the faint hum and crackle of vinyl: The Loudness War has led to certain people thinking that maximum loudness, low dynamic range, 'whispering' on the voices caused by parts of the vocal track to have come off and excessive brightness are a sign of improved technology, when most of the time they are just to make the music louder.

We've gotten so used to hearing some type of post-processing on vocals be it reverb, double-tracking, flangers, phasers, you name it that just hearing raw vocals on a track can sound jarring.

Actually, this sounds jarring because studio recordings are made in sound-dampening rooms to avoid accidental undesired effects on the music.

Real-life sound however sounds very different, because the acoustics of the surroundings produce echo and reverberations.

This is why there's a science to the construction of auditoria and theatres used for live music. Thus some post-processing is required to make studio recordings sound more realistic.

Of course in practice, the amount of post-processing used goes way beyond adding realism, and wraps back to unrealistic.

In FoxTrot , Jason Fox is eating a watermelon and tells Andrea how it doesn't taste like his watermelon gum. Naturally this earns a weird look from her.

Back in the '60s, televised Professional Wrestling placed a microphone under the ring which made some very impressive sounds when wrestlers jumped off the top rope or stomped their foot during a forearm smash.

They still do that. It's why fights backstage seem to fall a bit flat - the bumps don't have the same 'oomph' as bumps in the ring. Fans often tend to complain at the 'dead crowds' on WWE television.

The seemingly uninterested crowd are in fact very animated but the sound is just not being captured. If you watch fan footage recorded on someone's phone from the crowd, the noise is deafening.

WWE just doesn't mic up the crowd because it runs the risk of people's personal conversations being broadcast on the air among other things.

So the only time you'll actually hear a lively crowd is if they're screaming insanely at the top of their voices. The big smack you hear when someone gets superkicked or big booted is of course the wrestler slapping their leg for dramatic effect.

Slapping your leg and stomping for dramatic effect is falling out of practice these days. Also the big smack made when someone gets kicked in the head is usually caused by the kick pads the wrestler is wearing.

Also wrestlers are taught to throw punches with the meaty part of their arm because it makes a nice impactful sound when hitting off the face.

Since the s if not earlier , American audiences have grown accustomed to fight scenes in action movies that cause the combatants to bleed like stuck pigs, when in fact mild bruises and maybe a few chipped teeth are bound to be the results of a real-life fight.

If pro wrestlers didn't bleed as much as they do, spectators might suspect that they "aren't really hurting each other" even though they are , or that the staged fights aren't "realistic" enough.

Hence, the custom of wrestlers slicing themselves on the sly for that good old "bloodbath" effect. The Reduced Shakespeare Company Radio Show mentions the use of coconut shells as a character starts to ride away.

In the s, Australian radio broadcasts of cricket overseas weren't actually done from the ground. The commentary was based on ball by ball telegraphs, and sound effects such as canned applause and an artificial bat-on-ball sound were used.

The trope didn't come into play because listeners knew the difference from having listened to local games; "synthetic broadcasts", as they were known, were abandoned in when shortwave reception had improved enough that the action could be delivered directly.

The Mercury Theatre on the Air used the classic coconut effect in the first scene of the first episode, an adaptation of Dracula , as Jonathan Harker's coach makes its way to Dracula's castle.

Laser weapons in Rifts are said to come with built-in noisemakers to satisfy customers who expect sci-fi-style sounds when they're fired. Otherwise, they would be mostly silent.

Lasguns in the Warhammer 40, universe have explored every angle of this trope they could find. In the art and the video games they are huge highly-visible coconuts, because otherwise you wouldn't know they were firing.

In the fiction they are described as firing invisible, near-silent beams. There is a button to make the beam visible again, but this is officially for training purposes read: The only 'Pew', so to speak, is the audible snap of the air ionizing.

This also comes up when lasguns are given to Guard regiments who come from planets where most readily available weapons use chemical propellant.

Guardsmen who expect guns to make a loud bang and flash when fired get fake noises and lights because the familiarity is good for morale. Guardsmen from less developed worlds are used to the relatively silent bow or crossbow and get no special treatment, while Guard regiments on appropriately advanced worlds are already used to las weapons.

In a similar fictional case, the guns in Gantz make a pathetically small sound and do nothing more than glow at the barrel.

In reality the predominant noise is the sound of cooling fans and water pumps. Occasionally, there will be a soft "pfft" sound when the laser fires, and that comes from the noise of the Xenon flash tubes used to pump the laser.

High power microwave sources are also silent except for the cooling. What fun is a death ray that sounds like your air conditioner?

High power laser weapons actually might not be silent so much as they would switch which end the noise is on. The impact of a laser weapon on a target would actually produce a loud bang since it's vaporizing material into a rapidly expanding gas cloud; AKA an explosion.

This might incidentally make them pretty crappy stealth weapons since the sound is inherent to their damage mechanism and can't really be dampened.

Also in Warhammer 40, , the Orks manage to justify and exploit this trope. Because their latent reality warping abilities make anything a sufficient number of Orks believe become true, Red things go faster , louder guns do more damage, and things that look science-y and have most of the wires in the right place can do whatever a halfway competent Mekboy says they can.

A commonly held theory is that orks specializing in stealth gain much of their inexplicable ability to infiltrate locations despite being, well, extremely large, heavily armed, green slabs of muscle with impulse control issues from the fact that most orks believe stealthy, disciplined orks do not exist.

It's canon that they get a considerable boost from the fact most humans don't believe they exist, and so get lazy about perimeter security. Figures of Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider invariably includes his hands in Spider-Man 's classic "web-shooting" pose.

However, Ben never actually did that; he modified his web-shooters to fire without the pose. But the pose is so iconic that it gets included anyway.

Crate Expectations has become a sort of coconut effect. Almost every game that involves ammo and many that don't have crates that must be broken to get ammo.

Valve , for example, found this out during playtesting of Half-Life. They attempted to avoid including crates, but so many people wanted something to use the crowbar on and get ammo from that they eventually had to give in.

Exploding Barrels could easily be classified as this. By now, most people realize that shooting a barrel won't actually cause it to explode, but for a game to not have explosives that can be triggered by shooting them would be just odd to the gaming audience.

People Can Fly found that just trying to change the ubiquitous colour red of the exploding barrels to green for Bulletstorm didn't work right for the players.

Which is odd, given that green exploding barrels are also common in games - usually releasing poison or knockout gas - so gamers are just as conditioned to shoot them as red ones.

Then again, Jump Physics in platformers is generally not realistic. This even affects the 'realistic' platformers as seen in the SNES' heyday.

Climbing up 3 straight-jump-up ledges in a row makes it sound like the hero of say, Flashback , is attempting to drop a log cabin in an outhouse.

The boingy springy sound gets replaced with 'old man toilet grunts. In the MMORPG EVE Online , the standard space-battle cliche of explosions and other sound effects happening despite the inability of sound to travel in the vacuum of space is justified in the game's lore.

The sounds aren't actually real, but because the player's character is piloting the ship from within a sense-depriving goo-filled pod, the outer-space sounds are created by the ship's computers to give the pilot's mind something to focus on.

This may be justified in this game specifically, however. Space in EVE Online seems to have fluidic properties, as ships will slow to a stop without constant propulsion, cruise missiles are described as a "lifting-wing" missile, and corpses instantly freeze when exposed to space.

If this is true, the space would also presumably transmit vibrations. Tyrian uses the same justification: The ship's computer simulates sounds from outside to help the pilot keep paying attention and as a navigation aid.

This seems to be "industrial standard" justification, right from the A New Hope book back in The onboard television crew in Starship Operators mentions that they have to add explosion noises to satisfy the viewers at home; ordinarily, the fights would be silent.

A number of video games have film grain among the video options, as an homage to older movies: Silent Hill 2 , the original PS2 version of the game had film grain as the default.

Notably, this was removed in the HD release and fans were pissed. The Lost and Damned Left 4 Dead and its sequel.

After completing ICO for the first time you can enable four increasing levels of film effects. New Vegas has a major and highly popular modification that focuses entirely on simulating low quality or badly damaged film, to make the game look like old Westerns.

Stubbs the Zombie had film grain as the default. Mass Effect has a couple examples. Along with the above-mentioned film grain, one NPC in the third game mentions turning off the sound emulators so he can watch an enemy dreadnought "sink" in complete silence.

This suggests that Space Is Noisy is enforced in-universe, probably due to this trope. Flying vehicles default to having inertial dampeners active, which the players and Shepard take for granted.

Steve turns them off in one instance so the two of them can feel actual G-forces and the sensation of speed. The whole trope Real Is Brown pretty much sums this up nicely.

In real life, colors of all saturation and paleness exist, let alone lighting can vary in both outdoor and indoor settings, so things like ray tracing and desaturating are actually unrealistic.

A special mention can go to Sim City 4 , in which took the trope to the extreme in which not only modern which is somewhat justified, because some people associate brown as "earth-friendly" but also classic Victorian and Gothic the Chicago and New York City styles into the brown filter.

Considering that most Victorian houses were nicknamed "Gingerbread houses" for their use of many colors, one must wonder what they were thinking Of course, the fanbase is now led to believe that if anyone creates a building that isn't drab brown or gray and dull, they're insane.

This idea comes from the sepia photographs leading people to believe that everyone at that time wore drab clothing.

The same phenomenon happens in Old West movies. People of that era loved bright colors, but any depiction of them will be in dark brown and black clothing.

Many modern video games use a variety of effects to look more realistic, which are far from it.

These include, but are not limited to: Strangest of all, it seems like the viewer would be aware of what the sun or people actually look like.

Drake's Fortune where the "realistic filter" option removes the vibrant colors and replaces them with muted browns and grays and puts in so much bloom that the game is virtually unplayable.

In the same way that animated studios take efforts to replicate shortcomings of real cameras, video games often go to great lengths to get the washed out effect of an overexposed shot or a really bright light source , which is dubbed "HDR.

This is tone mapping. HDR is a technique to preserve the apparent brightness of an object when its light interacts with objects.

For example, in a non-HDR render, the sun when reflected off water will somehow lose enough brightness that if it were real, you could stare at it with no consequence.

In an HDR render, the sun's reflection is still the brightest thing more or less in the scene. Many 'realistic' video games have very long draw distances, making everything look extremely crisp and sharp all the way to the horizon.

In reality, atmospheric perspective means everything should get hazier and tinted blue the farther away it is. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker , which is known for its cartoony graphics , actually takes into account the effect of atmospheric perspective.

It even simulates the effect of the curvature of the Earth on the appearance of far-away objects. Plenty of gun tropes are like this, due to the fact that most people who played FPS video games or watched action movies started years before being allowed to handle military weaponry if they ever do so.

In fact, this article in Popular Mechanics indicates many times the guns in games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 are first made "extremely accurate, based on factory stats and more" then toned down, not just for balancing reasons, but because of "the drive to make guns feel like the ones we've seen in movies.

People associate shotguns with powerful, close-range weapons So a shotgun blast [in the game] will punch through walls and armor just fine, even though buckshot is known for its lack of penetration in the real world.

Sergeant Schlock of Schlock Mercenary favors an impressively large plasgun which powers up with an ommmmmminous hummmmmmmm and a glowing barrel.

When he goes in to get a new one, he discovers that improvements in technology have led to it being replaced with a small, silent, and more powerful model.

Schlock is appalled, and storms out as the salesman desperately calls after him, claiming that they can give it an impressively large cosmetic casing and a speaker to simulate the hummmmmmm.

Not just personal prejudice there; Schlock is a mercenary , and intimidation is part and parcel of the trade.

The hum is a proven deterrent , and the glow of doom from the barrel is nothing to sneeze at, either.

It's like selling an intimidating Hand Cannon without a hammer to cock dramatically or a Laser Sight to show someone exactly which part of their body it will blow off.

Mount you in a big round case Arms dealer, know thy market. Reflections of shiny objects in many animations often appear as sparkles even if the objects or light sources weren't moving at all.

From The Simpsons episode "Radioactive Man": Uh, Sir, why don't you just use real cows? Cows don't look like cows on film. You gotta use horses.

What do you do if you want something that looks like a horse? Ehh, usually we just tape a bunch of cats together. Some people tend to be skeptical of touch screens because of the lack of physical feedback.

Many things with touch screens that have pressable buttons on them will make a click button when you touch them to add to the illusion of pressing a button.

Most ICOs needs to be marketed to achieve your fundraising aim within the shortest period of time. Create icons for Windows and Macintosh.

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